Quality Natural & Sustainable Products

We produce high quality reusable bamboo drinking straws as a safe, sustainable and practical solution to plastic ones.

Our premium quality straws are made of pure solid bamboo which is the most sustainable plant on the planet. Bamboo can grow up to three feet per day, needs no irrigation, reaches maturity in less than a year, and it is naturally antibacterial.  Now that is what we call a super-plant!

We take great care in only choosing the best materials for our products. We work with farms that harvest the bamboo in the most natural and organic way on the islands of Indonesia. We use no pesticides or chemicals and make sure to only cut the stems we need, allowing the remaining plant to continue to grow strong and be productive.

Once the stems are cut our team of local craftsmen transforms them into high quality drinking straws. The whole process is completely handmade and without the use of any type of chemicals or heavy machinery.


The first step is to dry the stems properly under the sun which gives them the beautiful brownish glow and hardens them.

We then further cut them by hand to the desired length using a traditional bamboo knife. They are then sanded down with a small rotating brush that helps polish them with a smooth and clean finish, just how we like them.

Once cut and polished, they are washed, sanitize, dried under the hot sun then packaged for your use