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We are The Bamboo Wave.  Comprised of young entrepreneurs that just happened to love surfing and developed a deep appreciation of our beaches, oceans, all of its inhabitants and the environment as a whole.

It's all about business and life with a purpose and ours is to protect these wonders and help the environment by replacing the use of harmful plastics with more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. 

Our first, attainable, goal is to replace the use of harmful plastic drinking straws with much safer, more effective and sustainable bamboo ones.


We Do It For These Little Guys!

Plastic drinking straws and other plastic pollution is growing at an alarming rate. Our oceans and beaches are becoming more and more polluted and sea turtles and other sea and wild life are suffering. The production of plastic straws in the United States is contributing to a global epidemic that is killing off our already endangered sea turtles. Sea turtles can ingest the straws whole or broken up into smaller pieces and become lodged in their bodies.

So in addition to replacing plastic straws with much safer, more eco-friendly bamboo ones, the BambooWave is also committed to conserving protecting and restoring our oceans, beaches and sea-life as a whole,  in as many effective ways as possible. 

To this end, a certain amount of all BambooWave's sales proceeds go directly into sponsoring and forwarding worthy projects and programs such as Sea Turtle protection and enhancement, beach clean-up, marine education and appreciation programs and even supporting local aquariums and marine studies!

So when you switch from plastic to bamboo straws and other sustainable wares yourself and "catch the bamboo wave" you are not only purchasing a more practical, long lasting instrument but helping us help the planet in many other ways. so.....

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